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70 Signs of Depression Review
70 Signs of Depression Review

PUBLISHED: 03/14/2012 by BR Moderator
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70 Signs of Depression

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70 Signs of Depression is promoted as a book that provides a person with proven techniques that readers can easily use in order to handle a loved one’s bipolar depression. These techniques and information have been gathered from thousands of people that suffer from bipolar disorder, and their family members.

The book itself was written by Marlee Fisher. The author says that her book takes readers into the minds of those suffering from bipolar disorder by showing them the illness’ signs, defense mechanisms and emotional trip wires. 70 Signs of Depression is based on the author’s personal experience as a bipolar co-victim and years of research, including meetings with psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

70 Signs of Depression is advertised as an easy-to-understand and in-depth look inside bipolar disorder that reveals insight and knowledge on the illness.

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70 Signs of Depression is recommended as a book that can help a person reduce or cope with depression and its symptoms, regardless of age or other health factors. This is the reason why some may see it as an ideal resource, with valuable information regarding bipolar disorder, its causes and defense mechanisms.

As the title would imply, this book gives us insight on the 70 signs of depression, while also allowing readers to discover and understand the most common symptoms of depression. For example, a reader will learn about the so-called “trip wires” that trigger negative emotions, and the 2 common defense mechanisms that get in the way of effectively treating depression or bipolar disorder.

Since each individual may have a different reason behind their depression, or triggers of it, 70 Signs of Depression can help victims and co-victims at different rates, so we cannot predict when the book will effectively reach its goal.

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  • The book is recommended as being easy to read or easy to follow
  • The book has many positive customer testimonials
  • The information presented in this book is based on years of research.


  • There are many similar books on the market
  • The book is also based on the author’s personal experience, not only on verifiable facts
  • The time it takes for a person to benefit from reading 70 Signs of Depression varies from individual to individual
  • It is considered to be quite expensive


While customer testimonials stay positive for this book, also scoring some good reviews, it is uncertain at this point in time if it will have the same impact on every one of its readers, or if it actually works in the first place. However, most readers described it as being the best book of its genre.

Since the book is so packed with information and research, one would ignore its high price and purchase it in order to avoid buying a number of similar, cheaper products instead. 70 Signs of Depression can potentially provide you with the ability to cope or overcome obstacles that mental illness will eventually present itself with. Whether you’re a direct victim, or co-victim of depression or bipolar disorder, this book might just be what you are looking for.

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