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1-Androsterone RDe Review
1-Androsterone RDe Review

PUBLISHED: 06/14/2013 by BR Publishing
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1-Androsterone RDe

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1-Androsterone RDe is advertised as a natural supplement which targets movement improvement due to its enhancement of strength and endurance as far as the muscular tissues go. It mainly focuses on bodybuilding, and it is promoted as one of the most reliable from the supplementation market. The business behind this remedy is called Advances Muscle Science.

The company is described as one of the newest related to the nutritional field, founded in 2007, whose main targets are to offer innovative, practical and top-quality so people–s appearances and moods are noticeably bettered. Even though it relatively lacks experience in this area, some of their workers present a good background experience on the supplementation area which sometimes exceeds twenty years. All their remedies have been created to be affordable and sophisticated as far as the marketing features are concerned.

The RDe comes from rapid dissolve effervescent which gives individuals hints about the form in which is being sold. The formula is based on a mixture between an endogenous steroid hormone and some minerals which have been added to make the product easier to absorb. Hence, one of its most positive features is the way in which 1-Androsterone RDe is provided to the public.

1-Androsterone RDe Ingredients

1-Androsterone RDe contains the following ingredients: 1-Androstene-3b-ol-17-one-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodedrin, F-Melt, Potassium and Sodium Bicarbonates, and Tartaric Acid.

Product Features

Advertised as a product meant to enhance the muscular tissue with the help of an easily absorbable effervescent form, 1-Androsterone RDe should improve bioavailability at higher percentages as compared to capsules with similar compositions. The formula is made up of a combination between a blend, an agent, and a matrix and is claimed to affect particular areas of the organism in order to establish a better timing and resistance before, during and after workout sessions.

The main ingredient of 1-Androsterone RDe actually gives its name. Studies pointed out that 1-Androstiene RDe represents a hormone that can be regarded as a metabolic intermediate in its own right. It was first mentioned in scientific articles due to to Kurt Tscheming and Adolf Friedrich Johann Buternandt. Moreover, it is viewed a replacement for DHEA because it’s believed to deliver faster and more efficient results on both short as well as long-term.

Additionally, it is a reliable ingredient for muscular strength and size gain. Because it doesn’t modify into estrogen, individuals can cut cycles and stack with compounds free of estrogen during the bulking phase. Side-effects during its usage don’t represent a matter of concern. On the other hand, a certain dependency is likely to occur if consumption is expanded on a long-term.

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  • It is particularly meant for adults who are practicing a sport and the choice of ingredients is specialized in this aspect
  • It comes in an effervescent form which is easily absorbable
  • Manufacturing processes included bioavailability enhancing technology
  • Free shipment for people from the military


  • People under 21 shouldn’t take this supplement
  • Although it has some awards, their products have yet to be FDA approved
  • It is relatively new compared to others, so there are few testimonials about it


Designed particularly for power lifters, boxers, athletes, bodybuilders, wrestlers, or other people who want an enhancement in both muscular strength and mass, 1-Androsterone RDe is provided in an easy to use effervescent tablet form. Due to this, it can be mixed with water, juices or other liquids. Although from a general perspective perspective, there are no serious side-effects linked to its unsafe, some may appear and individuals should be aware of the fact that the best solution is to interrupt the treatment. If the case of harmful side-effects is thought to be serious, a medical doctor should be immediately contacted to prevent further complications.

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