Here at BrainReference we will provide you with the information you need to find the best brain supplements to fit your needs. Our brain supplement reviews include pertinent information regarding ingredients, side effects, the right dosage, advantages and disadvantages, and a useful conclusion to help you choose the right brain supplement.

It’s time to find out the truth about your brain, how it works, and which supplements may fit your health the best through our in-depth research and editorial reviews on countless of popular brain supplements from around the world.

Understand, our nutritional team has dedicated countless years in education and instruction they have used to conduct each and every brain supplement review you’ll find on this website.

That is one of the reasons BrainReference has quickly become the leading resource in evaluating many of the top brain supplement products in the industry today. See what our readers have to say about us by clicking here, and don’t forget to say ‘hello’ yourself. Plus click here to see our Top Product Picks in brain supplementation, and how they stack up in the evaluation criteria.

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But the real value here is your voice – so let it be heard. You’ve probably tried many of these different brain supplements and our community would love to hear from you. And it’s easy to share, just click on one of the following supplement categories, choose your supplement, then use the comment form at the bottom of the brain product review and speak up and share. Open up, share, and write us a 3-4 paragraph review:

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How Our Selected Rating Criteria System Works

How Ratings Work

Next, it’s important to understand how we rated each brain reference product. As our rating criteria is yours. It’s based on your principles and feedback for years from thousands of product users on thousands of brain supplements.

Customers can now use our selected rating criteria to quickly see how each product may compare to other top brain products currently on the market (“N/A” is used for all non-related items).

These criteria points are:

  • Has the product been used for 10 years or more? We believe “time” is the true test of results. Manufacturers will tout patents, but what does that mean? Other than it’s something so “unique” and “new” that they were able to get a patent on it? Those are not buzz words for “results.” Those are buzz words for “buy it now” and in 10 years we’ll tell you whether it really worked or not. Another popular one is clinical studies. Now if the manufacture was conducting clinical studies like the medical drug companies conduct, than it could be of true value. But since dietary supplements generally cannot be FDA approved, these are usually little more than mini clinical studies conducted with only 50-100 subjects for a few months to allow manufacturers to tout the words “clinical studies” for marketing purposes. As explained, the true test is a supplement successfully being used for years by thousands of customers;
  • Is the shipping $6 or less for local shipping? It’s understandable that shipping may be higher for the free trial (to help cover trial costs), but afterwards we feel it’s shameful to charge exuberant amounts of money after a customer has already purchased the product;
  • Are there documented testimonials on the manufacturers site? The word “documented” really is the key word here. Fake testimonials are the norm on the internet these days and it makes sense why, they are easy to write and post on any website. Thus, documented testimonials with pictures, dates and a backup on file with the manufacturer is essential. But when this is done, and these testimonials are collected and documented over time, this is an enormous amount of credit to any product.;
  • Does the manufacturer offer a free trial? Much of the media today are labeling free trials as scams because they usually always involve an autoship program. But the bottom line is that a “free” bottle is a “free” bottle, and smart customers are making good use of these offers to try out a product. Most importantly though, it shows real confidence on the manufacturer’s part that they believe their product is really going to work for you, resulting in you continuing to purchase it. So we believe these are very important criteria.;

Once you understand our rating system, it’s then easy to get lost in thousands of brain supplements. So don’t, review the products that fit your needs best and then dig in deeper with your research. There are so many categories to choose from; mental exercises, memory games, herbal products, amino acid supplement, vitamin products, doctor therapy training, neurotransmitter simulators, lithium extracts, self-help education…etc. Click here to browse all brain product reviews.

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Here at BrainReference we will provide you with the information you need to find the best brain supplements to fit your needs. Our brain supplement …